The app that will save you from playing phone tag with your friends

The app that will save you from playing phone tag with your friends

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I’m also the only one who has Snapchat among my college friend group — we’re all in our 30s. (I deleted Facebook so I miss life updates posted there. ) As a bonus, unlike Instagram and Snapchat, Marco Polo doesn’t use your data to show you ads.

I tested all the Marco Polo voices — helium, macho, and robot (which all sound exactly like you’d think) — during my first recording with my college friend group, but that was pretty much the extent of us getting creative.

Our Marco Polo videos run the gamut from small life updates to big ones, from sharing a touching story about a mentoring session to new job prospects.

Marco Polo, which doesn’t break down user data by age because it says it doesn’t collect it, spotlights a bevy of wholesome stories on its website.

Marco Polo lets you listen in whenever you want, saving all your groups’ videos in a timeline.

When I talked to one of my Mashable colleagues about Marco Polo, she had heard of it being described as a teen app.

Having these conversations off Instagram makes it feels like Marco Polo is a special place, just for us.

I get a tiny jolt of joy when I see the Marco Polo notification that looks like a beach ball on my phone’s home screen.

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