ARM founder says sale to US would be a disaster

Hermann Hauser wants the UK government to intervene to stop Nvidia buying the chip

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Four years on, after a number of big bets went wrong for the Japanese firm – notably its investment in the shared office space business WeWork – SoftBank wants to dispose of ARM, either returning it to the stock market through a share sale or letting another organisation buy it outright.

Dr Hauser thinks the government’s recent move to invest $500m (£378m) in the satellite firm OneWeb may be a sign that it is prepared to intervene when the UK’s technology future is at stake.

While Dr Hauser voted against the Softbank deal in 2016, he says the Japanese firm kept its promises to retain Cambridge as the main focus of ARM’s research and to boost employment there.

When Softbank bought the firm for £24bn soon after the referendum to leave the EU in 2016, it was hailed by the government as a vote of confidence in a post-Brexit Britain.

In recent days, there have been a number of reports that Nvidia – which recently overtook Intel to become the world’s most valuable chip-maker – is keen to buy it.

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