Computer mouse co-creator dies at 91

Bill English was the first person to use a computer mouse, building the first prototype in

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Bill English became the first person to use a mouse when he built the prototype at Mr Engelbart’s research project at the Stanford Research Institute.

Speaking to the BBC after Mr Engelbart’s death, Mr English said: "The only money Doug ever got from it was $50,000 licence from Xerox when Xerox Parc started using the mouse".

"As it moves up or down or sideways, so does the tracking spot," Doug Engelbart explained to the audience, as Bill English directed the technical side of the conference – including the video that wowed spectators.

He built the first mouse in 1963, using an idea put forward by his colleague Doug Engelbart while the pair were working on early computing.

But neither Mr English or Mr Engelbart could remember who decided the device should be called a "mouse" – or exactly why.

There, he replaced the wheels on his first mouse design with a rolling ball – the design that became familiar to most end users over the next decades.

The co-creator of the computer mouse, William English, has died aged 91.

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