Google unveils the $350 Pixel 4A, a budget phone amid an economic downturn

The launch was delayed for months and comes as the search giant faces shake-ups in its smartphone

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The 4A’s biggest draw, however, will likely be a feature shared with the Pixel 4: a premium camera that rivals those on Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones. (The 4A’s camera doesn’t include a second telephoto lens for extreme zooms that the Pixel 4 has onboard. ) The phone is available for preorder on Google’s online store, and will be sold on Aug. 20 through Verizon, US Cellular, Amazon and BestBuy. com.

After months of delays, Google Google unveiled the Pixel 4A, a budget phone carrying a $350 price tag that’s less than half the cost of last year’s Pixel 4 flagship.

The new phone is a further price cut for Google, whose previous midtier model — last year’s Pixel 3A — cost $50 more.

Before the company unveiled the first Pixel phone in 2016, Google worked with handset makers including HTC and LG to manufacture the Nexus line of phones.

He pioneered several camera features for Pixel, leading Google’s research team in creating Portrait Mode, which glams up smartphone photos to make them look professionally done, and Night Sight, for brightening up pictures in low light.

The phone also does away with some of the high-end bells and whistles of the $800 Pixel 4, like Google’s Soli chip, which uses radar to let people control apps by swiping and gesturing their hands through the air.

The phone had originally been expected in May, the same time as last year’s model, for an unveiling at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference.

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