Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 review: A versatile smart charcoal grill

Masterbuilt offers the familiarity and convenience of charcoal with a WiFi-connected setup that works well as both a smoker and a high-temperature searing The 560 lacks some of the more advanced features pellet grills have, but at around half the price, the company does a great job covering the basics.

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Masterbuilt, a brand under the same umbrella as Kamado Joe, has designed a charcoal grill that offers the connectivity of modern pellet grills for a more familiar fuel source: the Gravity Series 560 ($500).

With the Gravity Series 560, Masterbuilt has designed a charcoal grill that gives aspiring pitmasters an alternative to wood pellets.

On the 560, it blows air upward, into the bottom of the charcoal hopper to keep the heat going and circulate it into the main cooking area.

In my experience, charcoal alone only produced a modest amount of smoke on the 560, but the company says you can add wood chunks or charcoal to the ash bin at the bottom of the hopper to boost it.

I chose Kingsford Original, so there’s a chance you could extend the time with another variety (Kingsford does make a Long Burn charcoal, for example). 10 hours on a bag is still pretty good though, as it was enough for 2-3 cooks at varying temperatures.

It’s a safety feature, but it also means that you won’t get blasted with smoke, embers or ash when you’re trying to keep the grill going.

Aside from some issues with ignition and the cast iron grates, I had no issues cooking pulled pork, ribs and steaks on par with what I’ve done on pricier pellet grills.

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