Plastics live forever — as art

Consumerism through sculptures

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"In my work, I address questions about consumerism through sculptures and installations created with the leftover packaging of consumables and related materials of all types – plastic shopping bags, shampoo and water bottles, various cords, cable and tubing, etc.

In discussing his found-plastics sculptures, Oakland, California artist Chad Moore recalls his mother having worked at Walmart and the chaotic nature of consumerism, and particularly Black Friday sales sprees.

On a macro level, this series addresses the fusion of our detritus with the natural world and the food chain, such as the Pacific Garbage Patch or plastics that are consumed and digested by birds and marine life".

"The impetus for some of these pieces springs from the debris found in San Francisco, a result of homelessness and mental illness, as well as a physical manifestation of the failures of consumerism for the individual.

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