Stimulus check: What is your AGI and how do you find it?

The amount of stimulus money you get depends on your adjusted gross Here's how to calculate your AGI based on your tax filings.

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As was the case with the first stimulus check that came with the March CARES Act, the amount of money you could get under another stimulus act (e. g. , the Republican HEALS Act or the Democratic Heroes Act) would be based on your adjusted gross income, or AGI, from your 2019 federal tax filing.

Since it’s a rough estimate of how much money you’re bringing in after deductions from all your streams of income, the IRS uses your AGI to calculate how much of the maximum of $1,200 stimulus check you can get.

Should the HEALS Act pass, how much money you’d get from a second stimulus check depends on your AGI, your filing status (single versus joint) and how many dependents you have.

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