The Best Photoshop Alternatives That Are Totally Free

Photoshop has become so dominant that you can use its name as a verb, but if you want to get your hands on it you need to shell out at least $10 a Don’t worry! There are plenty of completely free alternatives to Photoshop; here are a few of the best.

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The available options in the Android and iOS apps don’t match up exactly with what you can do on the web, and the cut-down Photoshop spin-off app scene has only gotten more complicated over time—take a look at Adobe Photoshop Mix (iOS, Android) and Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS, Android) for example, which are also free to use.

It’s certainly one of the most human-friendly Photoshop alternatives around, and though it doesn’t have too many top-end features, there are plenty of users who’ll be glad for a less cluttered toolbox and list of menu options.

It looks and feels a lot like Photoshop, but it’s free and runs online from anywhere—you can load in an image from your computer, or point it directly to a URL elsewhere on the web.

From the advanced color picker to the plethora of image adjustment options, there’s a lot to like about Pixlr E (and Pixlr X), and the fact that you can tweak many of the tool options adds to the appeal for advanced users.

Polarr doesn’t try and copy absolutely everything that Photoshop has on offer, but it’s a more slimmed down and polished product that might suit your photo-editing needs better.

Many of the higher-level tasks people look to Photoshop for—advanced image filtering, stitching multiple pictures together, and so on—can be achieved with aplomb in GIMP.

There are actually two versions to try: The simple, intuitive Pixlr X, or the more advanced and complex Pixlr E, which if you squint your eyes enough looks almost like Photoshop running inside a web browser.

If you choose to pay a monthly subscription fee, then you can access advanced features such as image masks, as well as a load of extra filters and export options.

With text, shape, and brush tools available it’s a decent option for creating artwork too. If you find Paint.

Like Pixlr, Polarr is freemium rather than free, but the free tier still gives you plenty of photo editing tools and effects to play around with.

NET useful, you can buy it for $7 from the Microsoft Store, though it’s also available for free directly from Paint. NET.

It’s worth giving it a test run and seeing if it’s capable enough to meet your image editing needs before committing to a monthly fee.

NET takes care of all the basics and then some: it features layer support, and a small but useful list of effects, while plug-ins developed by the community extend its capabilities even further (adding support for extra file types, for example).

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