The hackers getting paid to keep the internet safe

The hackers getting paid to keep the internet safe

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"It was a small turning point for me when I found out about bug bounty programs and it being a possible legitimate outlet for something I knew how to do," she explained over email.  "It was so much of a decision for me that I actually didn’t go to college because I wanted to spend time learning about information security and everything about the legal side of doing security work for companies".

Moussouris launched Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research — a program that consisted of Microsoft employees searching for vulnerabilities in third-party products — giving her the chance to help coordinate the discovery and reporting of bugs that affected the larger security ecosystem.

Herrera sees plenty of room for more people to get into the bug bounty scene, noting that organizations like Women In Tech Fund and WISP work to provide resources and funding for women in the hacking community.

Moussouris, an internationally renowned security researcher and founder of the bug bounty program at Microsoft, was always interested in computers.

Moussouris, who founded and currently runs the security company Luta Security, sees industry-wide pay disparities as something that must be fixed if more women are going to find longterm success in the field.

Jesse Kinser was interested in security research, and wasn’t going to let the fact that Indiana University Bloomington — where she was studying for her undergraduate degree — didn’t at the time have a dedicated program stop her from pursing it.

She explained that if the security community isn’t careful, bug bounty programs will turn into a sort of virtue signaling that doesn’t address real security problems.

She explained that a career in security "really is [obtainable] if you just spend time and start doing it, and these bug bounty programs are a great way to do that".

The security researcher had managed to pull off quite a feat — stealing the source code for more than 10,000 different websites, including a big four consulting company — and the ramifications of her find were staggering.

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