William English, Co-Creator of the Computer Mouse, Dies at 91

If you’re on a desktop right now, you’re probably using a computer In which case, you should raise a glass to William English.

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English also played a pivotal role in the landmark 1968 presentation, “The Mother of All Demos. ” Englebart and English had developed an experimental computer dubbed oNLine System (NLS) which was capable of all the elements you find today in modern personal computing—hypertext, windows, graphics, video conferencing, word processing, you name it.

In 1965, English led a NASA-sponsored project to determine the best way to select a point on a computer screen. (The mouse won. ) Later, while working at the PARC Xerox lab in the 1970s, English developed the ball mouse, which replaced with the wheels with a movable sphere.

And while his cohort Douglas Englebart is probably more famous for coming up with the idea for the computer mouse, English was the man who actually made it happen.

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