Verizon now including full Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus bundle with some unlimited plans

And you’re still getting free Apple Music,

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The refreshed plans go into effect on August 20th. “Existing customers currently receiving 12 months access to Disney Plus on us can move to our new Play More and Get More Unlimited plans with The Disney Bundle included, or for $6 per month they can stay in their current plan and add both ESPN Plus and Hulu to complete The Disney Bundle,” Verizon said in its news release.

Pricing for the “mix and match” unlimited plans is unchanged: they start at $35 (on a four-line plan) for Start Unlimited, which limits you to 480p streaming and only includes six months of Disney Plus — no bundle — and Apple Music.

The productivity-focused Do More Unlimited plan (also $45) only includes six months of Disney Plus and Apple Music, but, according to Engadget, Verizon is increasing video streaming quality to 720p versus the 480p it was before.

The partnership between Verizon and Disney seems to be working out well for both sides: today, the carrier announced that alongside the free 12 months of Disney Plus streaming it was already including with unlimited plans, it’ll now throw in Hulu and ESPN Plus, too.

Get More Unlimited ($55) pretty much includes everything: free Disney Bundle, free Apple Music, 5G network access, and 30GB of high-speed tethering.

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