Could TikTok end up in the hands of Trump

Could TikTok end up in the hands of Trump

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Will the Trump administration’s forced sale of TikTok leave Generation Z’s favorite video app in the hands of a Trump-loving tech company?

But, how would it look if TikTok sold to a company run by Trump supporters, in a sale forced by Trump in the first place?

Earlier this month, Trump signed an executive order banning TikTok from the U. S. unless the app severs ties with its Chinese parent company.

President Trump had originally given ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese owner, 45 days to find a potential buyer, but has since extended the deadline until after the U. S. election in November.

Ellison, a Republican mega-donor who also happens to be the fifth richest person in the world, even hosted a fundraiser for Trump’s 2020 campaign earlier this year. (Note: Elon Musk recently became the fourth richest person, according to Bloomberg, so Ellison may have been knocked down a peg since the Forbes list was last updated.

Would that same TikTok that allowed its users a space to freely express their disdain for the president still exist if it was run by high-profile supporters of Trump?

Shortly after, the Trump campaign started running negative social media ads against TikTok.

But what makes the potential acquisition more interesting is the fact that Oracle is run by huge supporters of Donald Trump.

The pairing, as many have pointed out, is an odd fit as Oracle is a business-to-business company that doesn’t have any customer-facing products, let alone teen-friendly social media apps.

Will TikTok end up in the hands of Trump supporters?

At a 2018 dinner with the president, Catz complained to Trump about Amazon being favored to win a lucrative Pentagon contract.

It could very well happen now that Oracle, a business database software company, has entered talks to possibly acquire the social video app.

According to the New York Times, Ellison was one of the earliest people to recommend the drug hydroxychloroquine to Trump as a possible treatment for coronavirus.

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