Must-have pet tech for your furry friend

If you want to be dog’s best friend – or the cat’s meow, if you will – the following are a few items to

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Stimulating natural feline instincts to chase, stalk and pounce, the aptly-named Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy could be a fun way to keep your cat active and engaged with a random laser display.

Now, wherever life takes you,talk to your pet (using its built-in audio), snap a pic or shoot video, and dispense a treat from the Furbo’s launcher by swiping your screen.

Available in blue or lime green, these 5-foot leashes have two embedded ultra-bright LEDs, which send light through an integrated optical fiber.

Just like a Roomba can vacuum your floors, there’s a litter box that doesn’t require scooping, cleaning or refilling for weeks at a time.

An automatic rake sweeps solid waste into the waste trap 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box, so you never have to see or touch it.

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