The best water bottles in 2020: 11 bottles tested

Stainless steel, glass, filtered and more: Which type of bottle is right for you?

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Metal water bottles, like those made from stainless steel, are usually insulated around the body of the bottle and are the best at keeping your hot drink hot and your cold drink cold, but they can be heavy and subject to dents and scratches.

They’re tough enough to toss into bags and survive the hustle and bustle of your days (stainless steel, remember? ), and the insulated bottles resist condensation, so the outside of your water bottle will stay dry when you drink.

Despite lacking the insulated coating that most stainless-steel bottles have, the Klean Kanteen Insulated Reflect is still double-wall vacuum-insulated and the bottle kept my water cold for as long as I needed it to.

The water that comes in these bottles is just as good, if not better, than any water you’d get in a plastic bottle, and they are endlessly reusable and recyclable.

I tested the Astrea One water bottle for our list of best filtered water bottles for 2020, and while I wouldn’t recommend using this one with natural freshwater, it works wonders on tap water, filtering out lead, benzene, mercury, copper, chlorine and other undesirables.

So recycle your disposable plastic bottles and clean out your car cup holder — this guide will help you find the best water bottle for your daily needs.

The Hydro Flask exploded in popularity a few years ago and has stayed at the top of the water bottle ranks due to its double insulated design, durable stainless-steel materials and fun variety of colors.

Glass is nontoxic, doesn’t seep chemicals and doesn’t degrade over time, making it a great alternative to a plastic water bottle.

After you decide what material you want your reusable drinking water bottle to be made of, consider the lid type.

It’s a great reusable water bottle for on-the-go folks who want fruit-infused water but don’t want to deal with making a whole pitcher of it at home.

One of the easiest and best ways to start phasing plastic out of your world is to get a reusable water bottle that can withstand day-to-day stresses, last for years and remind you to stay hydrated all the time.

Maybe you forgot your reusable water bottle, or you did bring it but you’re in the middle of nowhere and need a clean refill. Enter: Pathwater.

Pathwater makes the first bottled water in a 100% reusable, recyclable aluminum water bottle.

Water bottles are mainly made from three different materials: plastic, glass and metal (typically aluminum or stainless steel).

Made from food-grade stainless steel, S’well insulated bottles are perfect for long, hot beach days and for those who just don’t feel like refilling their bottle several times a day.

I tested three self-cleaning UV-C water bottles and the CrazyCap Gen 2 produced the best taste and has the best suite of functions: It has a normal purification mode for tap water and a so-called Crazy Mode for freshwater; an autoclean function; and a slender design that makes it great for taking along in the car and slipping into bags.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which is the best reusable water bottle for you — and to stay hydrated. Camping?

Previously, we listed the Platypus Platy Ultralight Collapsible as the best portable water bottle for backpacking, but since then, Platypus has come out with the Platypus DuoLock Soft Bottle 1. 0 L — a sturdier, more stylish version of the Ultralight Collapsible water bottle.

But the Klean Kanteen 20-ounce Insulated Reflect vacuum insulated bottle is especially environmentally friendly, made from just three materials: stainless steel, food-grade silicone and bamboo.

But hey, I’m not complaining about a great reusable water bottle for just $15.

I scoured the web for the most functional and fashionable reusable water bottle options.

Also, consider size and design when picking your perfect water bottle.

It holds 24 ounces o water; it’s incredibly durable; and it’s easy to clean — a really big deal as heavy-duty filtered water bottles are notoriously difficult to clean.

Because it holds 40 or 64 ounces depending on model and is made of stainless steel, this insulated bottle can get pretty heavy when it’s full, so you might not want this one for hiking or walking around.

The Hydro Flask vacuum-insulated water bottle comes with a standard lid and spout, but you can always mix and match to make the best water bottle for yourself.

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