The Note 20 Ultra Is the Ultimate Android Phone

This phone crams in all the extras you'd But the price is steep.

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A company spokesperson tells me customers aren't "taking full advantage" of Samsung's discounted offers if they're paying the full price. (For example, you can trade in a phone of good quality to save several hundreds of dollars on a new Note. ) So take Samsung's advice and try not to pay the full price for it.

The camera system on this phone isn't too different from the Galaxy S20 Ultra from earlier this year, but it's even better.

Now, you can choose which microphones on the phone you want to use when recording (omnidirectional, front, or back), and if you have wireless earbuds like Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live, you can even choose to record audio from them instead of the phone.

I've never craved the stylus as an input mechanism, nor have I ever missed it after moving on from a Note phone, but I can at least appreciate it.

This "all screen" design makes my apps look expansive and modern, which makes using the phone feel great.

On the latter, this phone can support both sub-6 and millimeter-wave 5G (more about all that in our guide here), so even if you switch carriers, you'll still be able to connect to their respective 5G networks, which is not the case with some first-gen 5G phones.

I usually see a few scratches after two to three weeks with a phone, but to Corning's credit, the Note 20 Ultra's wonderful matte back and front screens look just as clear as the day I got it.

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