With work shuttered, some have found a new way to make money: Internet odd jobs

Grinding out money through online surveys and other small gigs isn't easy, but some people have found a way to bring in extra cash at a trying

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Call it virtual work, on-demand jobs, internet odd jobs or side hustles: It represents a reshaping of how some Americans are employed as more of life moves online — and as more tech companies imitate the largely unregulated business model of Airbnb and Uber to create massive platforms, pairing people who are trying to a earn a couple of bucks with those willing to hire them. "Before I realize it, my whole week, every available minute, is taken up by paid studies," Kara Jones said.

No one really knows how many people are doing work on such sites, because companies rarely disclose data and the jobs don’t fit into existing categories for labor statistics kept by government economists, said Mary Gray, a senior principal researcher at Microsoft Research and an Indiana University faculty member.

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