10 apps to help kids control their emotions

10 apps to help kids control their emotions

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Calm, which was named Apple App of the Year 2017 and Google Play Editor’s Choice 2018, ranks as one of the top mindfulness and wellness apps for adults but it also has a great section for children, Calm Kids.

With the help of a cute monster, kids learn calming breathing techniques to help them cope with potentially frustrating or distressing situations: putting on shoes, saying goodbye to parents, fixing a block tower, waiting in line, and going to sleep in the dark.

A cute sea creature called a “Flibbertigibbet” helps kids stay focused and encourages them to calm their thoughts and be more mindful in their actions through breathing exercises.

This app helps kids recognize and understand their emotions through a wide range of activities, from friendly wishes to frog jumps, with each activity offering reward stickers.

It provides mindfulness exercises, relaxation activities and “Sleep Stories” for kids of all ages, which are updated every week.

Mindful Powers is designed to introduce grade-schoolers to mindfulness by leading kids through a series of interlinking stories.

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids, developed in collaboration with activity-based mindfulness expert Susan Kaiser Greenland, is most suitable for ages 5-10.

Smiling Mind has programs for kids of all ages, but there are so many options that younger kids may need some help to use it.

Eugenia Steingold, consists of stories designed to be “emotional metaphors for mediations. ” Every story is written for a specific fear, anxiety, or emotion, such as anger, jealousy, being teased, or a fear of something bad happening, and is read by a child to improve engagement and empowerment.

The quirky cartoons help to engage kids, with the soothing voice of Headspace co-founder and former monk, Andy Puddicombe, offering guidance throughout.

Headspace for Kids is structured around five themes: Calm, Focus, Kindness, Sleep and Wake Up.

In fact, many of the activities for younger kids speak directly to the parent, and include activities, like close hugging, that require parental involvement.

Calm Counter is a simple but effective app designed as a visual and audio tool to help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders to calm down when they’re anxious or angry.

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