Best gifts for drivers who wish their car would drive itself already

Best gifts for drivers who wish their car would drive itself already

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Nothing can match true autonomy, but for the driver on your gift list who dreams of a robot car, these gifts can make her feel like her ride is at least getting smarter.

While we wait on the robots to completely take the wheel, here are some gift ideas that will at least help make it feel like you’re driving into the future.

If self-driving cars are all about not driving yourself, then making someone else drive you around is a solid substitute.

A weekly report lets you know how distracted you’ve been on the road and other bad driving habits you should work on like hard braking and speeding.

Sure, some Cruise Chevy Bolt cars and Waymo minivans are awkwardly test-driving around cities like San Francisco and Phoenix, but our driverless future still seems impossibly far away.

With big buttons and voice controls, the Drivemode Dash app makes using your phone while driving not the most reckless and dangerous activity it typically is.

Once plugged in, the Spark can help find parking and lets you pay from the car, acts like a virtual mechanic that flags car problems, and turns your car into a WiFi hotspot.

The Distracted Driving Device won’t let you start the car unless your phone is in the distraction-prevention cradle. For real.

It’s small enough to easily sit on the dashboard, in a center console, or glove compartment, turning your car into a connected vehicle. Price: $149. 99 with 24-hour day passes for $9 each or $99/month for a monthly unlimited WiFi subscription. Available for $9. 95 daily rentals.

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For cars that don’t have a back-up camera, the ZUS Wireless Smart Backup Camera lets you see what’s happening behind the car, all 170 degrees behind.

Nonda’s smart rearview camera gives you the gift of eyes in the back of your head.

The Life360 driver protection app uses sensors in your phone to detect if you’ve crashed and automatically calls emergency crews.

You can even gesture toward the device and it’ll send a text or open up navigation — for those moments when you want to chat with your car or turn it into your digital butler.

Uber and Lyft gift cards might be fairly low-tech gifts, but the gift of essentially a chauffeured ride will make anyone forget how far we have to go for self-driving vehicles to be everywhere.

AT&T offers the Harman Spark plug-in smart car device to turn even your 1999 Honda Accord into a connected car.

The whole point of autonomous cars is to make driving safer.

These are fun gift ideas, but let’s remember: cars don’t drive themselves just yet.

Boot up the hotspot, connect your phone or laptop or tablet while in the passenger seat, and you’re good to go.

Instead of waiting for cars to drive themselves you’re getting a bicycle that gives you a boost up hills. Take that.

Until we have the machines making sure we don’t hit other cars and people, we need to pay attention.

Help that special driver in your life head off into the sunset with a car almost as smart as a robot.

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