How to reduce lag while livestreaming video

How to reduce lag while livestreaming video

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You’ll need upload speeds of at least 4 Mbps if you want to stream live video in HD. (You can check with a service like Speedtest, which, full disclosure, is owned by Mashable parent company J2. ) If you’re not getting that from your ISP, you can upgrade your plan or go with a different service provider.

If that’s not an option, you can help by changing some settings on the app you’re using to stream live video.

Saving my livestream recordings to the external drive also helped free up disk space and deal with a sometimes noticeable slowdown on my MacBook Pro when live.

To help smooth out, speed up, and minimize your video streaming issues, here are a few tried and tested tips. (Note: I stream from a Mac, but I added a few tips for Windows users as well.

With the external drive taking a load off my MacBook, I noticed the hum of the internal fan, which can get pretty loud during a video stream, was much quieter.

I’ve noticed that my Macbook Pro runs more quickly and outputs a smoother livestream when using Ecamm Live versus other apps.

I ran the livestream off the internal drive and other apps I use while streaming, like Google Chrome, off the G-Drive.

It will speed up your live video stream, and is more reliable than a WiFi connection.

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