Tournament Of Ages Draws Thousands Of Warcraft Players And Raises More Than $18,000 For Charity

Tournament of Ages, the popular player-run in-game event in the massively multiplayer RPG World of Warcraft, broke attendance and fundraising records this

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Two characters pause for a photo at the Tournament’s Wonderlight Ball. “These are all run by players and their guilds or orders, who come up with some of the coolest ideas,” coordinator Aeriyth said from the United Kingdom. (Aeriyth goes solely by their in-game handle due to previous online harassment. ) “Famous food carts, a wheel to spin and get a quest, a wandering Murloc with wares, a perfume maker and artists drawing you live — just to name a few concepts I’ve seen. “Performances were also very well-regarded this year — basically, a set time slot for people scheduled to act out scenes in-game, read poetry, do coordinated dances, and tell stories throughout the week,” Fant said. “People who do the performances on-stage get very creative. “What I personally loved was the dynamic that emerged between the Brightmoon Faire and Darkmoon’s Finest, both carnival-oriented guilds,” Aeriyth said. “They hosted amazing performances on the stage and ended up in a rivalry at the Tournament, pulling antics on one another and such.

The huge total of charitable donations from tournament attendees this year generated one last follow-up event: shaving the head of coordinator Christopher Lense, from Maryland, who had sworn to get his head shaved if the Tournament gathered enough donations. “I love the general Renaissance Faire atmosphere we can put on with so many people,” he said “I know that a lot of fairs and amusement parks closed this year due to social distancing, and this event gave many people the opportunity to enjoy that kind of environment in a virtual setting with their online friends.

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