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Bambuser is a name that you may not have heard in a while, but the Stockholm-headquartered company is announcing today that it’s raised $45 million in new funding this year, with million of that amount raised during the pandemic. Bambuser’s history goes back more than a decade (th…

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It didn’t at the time, but it quickly shifted focus and launched its first live video shopping products last fall. “We didn’t plan for the pandemic to hit the world,” Gharemani said. “We started this because we believe that this is going to be the future of retail.

She also emphasized that Bambuser is focused on being a business-to-business product, rather than a consumer shopping platform. “We are trying to create not another Instagram or Facebook or marketplace, because we believe other [companies] are already doing that,” she said. “We’re not even interested in going into that battle.

However, being ahead of your time isn’t always a good thing, and Ghahremani that the company has also struggled with having “too little capital” (although it publicly listed on Nasdaq First North in 2017) and also with turning its technology into a great product and a scalable business model.

While e-commerce and social media platforms are expanding their support in this area, Gharemani said brands are turning to Bambuser because they want to offer this live shopping experience while still owning the brand experience, the customer data and the transaction itself.

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