Covid-19 Antibodies Last For At Least Four Months, Study Finds

Researchers found that the amount of antibodies "increased during two months after diagnosis" and "remained on a plateau for the reminder of the

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Antibodies developed as a response to Covid-19 remain with a person for at least four months, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Tuesday, results that bolster hopes for an effective vaccine against the coronavirus.

Of 1,215 people who tested positive in the study, antiviral antibodies "did not decline within four months after diagnosis," counter to earlier, less exhaustive studies that seemed to indicate antibodies could fade within weeks.

Previous research done by King’s College London on 96 patients in July cast doubt on the effective lifespan of antibodies in the blood, with its non-peer-reviewed research showing the potency of the antibodies faded within weeks.

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