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Dell has long held high esteem for the quality of its displays, and that hasn’t changed with its more recent What has changed is that more and more, people are looking for external monitors to complement their work laptops as they shift to more remote work – and settle in for more per…

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It’s easily able to handle multiple browser windows and applications arrayed next to one another in a variety of configurations, all while keeping text reasonable sized so that you don’t have to strain to read anything like you would running the same resolution on a smaller, but still 4K, screen. 60Hz means that you’ve got a plenty fast enough display for smooth desktop computing and editing even 60fps video, but it’s not quite up to the high-speed standards that gamers are looking for today.

Dell’s 32-inch, 4K resolution UltraSharp U3219Q monitor is perhaps the best blend of quality, screen real estate, and connection flexibility you can get, provided your budget is in the mid- to high range. The U3219Q has a 31. 5-inch diagonal screen, with an IPS display and a matte finish that’s excellent for avoiding glare.

Dell touts the accuracy and quality of the panel, which boasts support for DisplayHDR content playback, and a factory color calibration that means it’s set to deliver 99% sRGB color accuracy out of the box, as well as 95% DCI-P3 and 99% Rec. 709 color for video.

The Dell U3219Q is normally $1,049, but on sale at $839. 99 via Dell direct right now, which is a lot to spend on a screen – but it’s also a device you use every day, and one that you want to provide the most bang for your buck and potential longevity.

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