How 'Coraline' studio Laika uses Intel's AI to perfect stop motion films

Laika is using a new Intel AI tool to clean up stop motion

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But once Laika started clearing things up, the work scaled considerably. “The largest subset of the visual effects team is rotopoaint, and nobody who goes to a film walks out and says, 'Oh my God, the rotopaint was so incredible in that! ,” Steve Emerson, visual FX supervisor at Laika, told Engadget. “So we want to be able to to streamline some of these tasks.

Laika has partnered with Intel to use machine learning tools to clean up artifacts that used to require thousands of hours of manual artist labor.

Based on the labor involved with Missing Link, Laika’s most recent film, the studio estimates the Intel tool could lead to a 50 percent reduction in cleanup time, opening up 2,000 artist days.

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