Trump Spreads Conspiracy Theory So Stupid I'm Struggling to Write a Headline for It

Donald Trump, who’s recently claimed not to know much about QAnon but is keenly aware that believers like him, is now officially dropping unfounded deep state conspiracies on television, one of which seems to have been lifted from a viral Facebook

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NBC News reporter Ben Collins pointed out that this rings eerily close to a now-deleted viral Facebook rumor warning people that “at least a dozen males got off the plane in Boise from Seattle, dressed head to toe in black. ” The post attempted to tie these likely fictional individuals to Antifa, and encouraged those reading the post to “carry heavy,” i. e. arm themselves.

The interview—heavily coached by Ingraham—hammered on law and order, a topic which Trump is largely staking his campaign on (“every time I put ‘law and order’ up on social media, it gets such an incredible, positive response,” he gloated. ) The conversation revolved mainly around protests in Portland, Oregon, where a member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, whose leader was charged with rioting at a protest last year, was killed on Saturday. “Portland’s been burning for many years, for decades, it’s been burning,” Trump said, right out the gate.

But this was a firsthand account of a plane going from Washington to wherever, and I’ll see if I can get that information for you, maybe they’ll speak to you and maybe they won’t. (Did anyone else notice that the number of people on the plane seemed to diminish every time he told the story?

By June, the rumor had morphed to the extent that the Payette County, Idaho, Sheriff’s Office had to reassure citizens that they had not, in fact, warned people to lock their doors and their guns to protect against incoming plane and busloads of Antifa invaders.

I’d like to ask that person if it was okay, but a person was on a plane said that there were about six people like that person more or less, and what happens is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, the rioters, people that obviously were looking for trouble.

He added an even more bizarre conspiracy about a planeload of people dressed in black, coming from an unspecified destination, who’d plotted to attack the Republican National Convention.

When asked in an August 19th press conference whether he condones QAnon, he said that he knew that “they like me very much, which I appreciate. ” He added that QAnon seem to be the kind of people who don’t like “what’s going on in places like Portland.

And there were like seven people on the plane like this person and then there were a lot of people on the plane to do big damage.


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