Watch Survivor, the Amazing Race and more for free on Pluto

Not to be outdone by Pluto's 8 new channels, Netlfix has free content And you can watch all four Hunger Games movies for free as well.

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In the past, you’d need to pay to rent or buy the movies from your favorite streaming service, but right now you can watch them all for free on the free streaming service Tubi.

Pluto TV was already one of our favorite free streaming services, and thanks to an update to the channel lineup, there’s even more TV goodness to go around.

There are now eight new channels on Pluto TV streaming shows like Survivor, The Amazing Race, the Carol Burnett Show and Dark Shadows. (Full disclosure: Pluto TV is a part of ViacomCBS, which also owns CNET.

Netflix was the streaming service I always expected to be the last place to ever offer anything for free.

So in addition to free stuff like that, Pluto continues to expand its offerings.

And you can watch all four Hunger Games movies for free as well.

Not to be outdone by Pluto’s 8 new channels, Netlfix has free content now.

This is a good time to be looking for free stuff to watch.

Pluto TV is available for iOS and Android, as well as various streaming devices like Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku.

You can catch it in a variety of ways: Tubi offers apps for Android and iOS, game consoles, various streaming devices and some Samsung TVs.

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