Ancestry vs. 23 and Me: Which DNA testing kit is best?

We looked into DNA testing kit cost, privacy and (of course) the

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AncestryDNA gives you two DNA testing kit options: An AncestryDNA kit (currently on sale for $59, results of which include ethnicity and historical details and DNA matches, with the option to pay $10 more to see how your DNA influences personal traits like eye color and hair type), or an Ancestry Health  (currently on sale for $99, which includes everything the other kit does, plus personalized health reports and a family health history tool).

But overall, Ancestry’s tools, including the ability to build a tree and link your health and DNA insights, definitely help paint a bigger picture of a person’s origins and can help facilitate a conversation with newly discovered family members. 23andMe had a more user-friendly layout, and presented its findings in a way that encourages you to immerse yourself in your (possibly newfound) heritage.

Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives. Discuss: Ancestry vs. 23 and Me: Which DNA testing kit is best to help you find your family origins?

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