Apple products are pricier than ever. Why that’s bad news for its future.

Apple products are pricier than Why that’s bad news for its future.

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And if you look at the iPhone and iPad — the company’s most influential products so far — Apple was more aggressive on price than you might remember.

The iPhone XR — now Apple’s "affordable" iPhone — starts at $749, or roughly the starting price of what was the higher-end model two years ago (the iPhone 7 Plus).

Ostensibly Apple’s debut smart speaker, it costs $349, or more than three times the price of an Amazon Echo, or seven times that of an Echo Dot or Google Home Mini, the ground floor for the category.

But it’s difficult to see Apple dominating them like it did with the iPhone if it keeps trending north on price.

It was a surprisingly low price point given how novel and advanced the tablet was at the time, but the second part of the quote, getting the product in the hands of "lots of people" is what Jobs apparently understood better than anyone at today’s Apple.

This, I submit, is not how Apple marketed the iPhone and iPad, at least at their early years.

The starting price for the 12. 9-inch iPad Pro went up by $200, and maxes out at a spit-take-inducing $2,356 (including an Apple Pencil and keyboard case).

Apple’s HomePod starts at $349, or about 7x the price of an Amazon Echo Dot.

And some of it is due to meaningful upgrades to entry-level models (for example, the iPhone XR has the same state-of-the-art chip as the more expensive iPhone XS), naturally raising the price of the whole line.

To a lesser extent the same thing is playing out in streaming video: The Apple TV is undercut by Amazon, Roku, Google, and others, and Apple has also so far refused to make a streaming "dongle," because dongles are, almost by definition, cheap.

This is the iPhone playbook, and Amazon is schooling Apple with it.

When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad in January 2010, he said Apple had been very aggressive on pricing.

The Apple Watch (which also got more expensive this fall) has perhaps been the poster child for Apple’s luxury brand aspirations, even if you put aside the absurdly expensive Edition models.

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