Boston Dynamics robot dog Spot protects medical workers from coronavirus

The four-legged robot can take patients' vital signs, saving humans from possible

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Spot, the four-legged dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics, has done everything from herding sheep to cheering on baseball teams, but during the coronavirus pandemic, the robots are now protecting medical workers from possible exposure to the virus.

As we reported in April, the Spot robots are equipped with devices, including cameras and a tablet computer, to let doctors ask patients about their symptoms without being in the same room.

The three monochrome cameras measure the slight color changes that result when hemoglobin in blood cells binds to oxygen and flows through blood vessels, helping medical staff calculate a patient’s pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Spot trots up to the patients, wearing four different cameras — an infrared camera, plus three monochrome cameras that filter different wavelengths of light.

For now,  the Spot robots will help doctors triage new patients, but researchers envision that the robots one day could be deployed in hospital rooms to monitor patients and allow doctors to check on them from a distance.

The Spot robot holds a tablet computer showing the face of a doctor who may pose questions to the patient.

The four-legged robot can take patients’ vital signs, saving humans from possible exposure.

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