Intel Announces Tiger Lake Mobile Processors, New Evo Branding: Twice Performance Of AMD In Games

Intel has announced nine new 11th Gen 'Tiger Lake' CPUs and new Evo branding

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Intel (INTC) has announced nine new 11th Gen ‘Tiger Lake’ CPUs spanning its Core i3 to Core i7 ranges with speeds up to 4. 8GHz, as well as a new project platform called Evo, which encompasses 11th Gen CPUs and Project Athena for the first time.

Amongst the various benchmarks Intel revealed today, gaming performance using the new integrated Xe graphics on its 11th Gen CPUs was significantly faster than AMD’s Radeon graphics included with its Ryzen 7 4800U as well as an 10th Gen Intel CPU combined with Nvidia MX350 graphics.

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The new brand will finally bring it’s Project Athena initiative to the forefront laptop branding, with the initiative focusing on setting specific standards for features such as battery life and performance for light and portable laptops.

New features of it’s 11th Gen CPUs include Thunderbolt 4, Wi-Fi 6 and PCIe 4. 0, with 20 percent CPU performance improvement in productivity, up to 2. 7x faster photo editing and 2 x faster video editing and gaming performance.

Intel has announced Evo – a new platform brand that encompasses Project Athena and 11th Gen Core …

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