LG Acknowledges OLED TV VRR Issues – But Can’t Promise A Quick Fix

They are definitely working on it, though

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So, for instance, toggling the AMD Freesync feature in the LG OLED TVs’ menus on and off with the Gears 5 HDR calibration screen playing shows that with the VRR feature on, the black floor is raised and, as a result, there’s less visible shading detail in the dark areas of the left side of the Gears 5 calibration image.

So it is that gaming owners of LG’s 2019 and 2020 OLED TVs have become aware of a couple of problems with their TVs’ variable refresh rate implementation.

The other issue some are reporting – and have captured on video – is noticeable instability/flickering in some dark gaming image areas when using VRR modes on LG’s 2019 OLEDs.

The biggest issue, and one that affects both 2019 and 2020 LG OLED sets, is that when VRR is activated, the image undergoes a brightness/gamma shift that makes dark areas in games look greyer and more washed out than they do with VRR turned off.

The good news is that LG now formally acknowledges that the issues exist, having apparently been able to replicate them in their own labs thanks to the efforts of various individuals who sent me videos, photos and clear examples of where the problems occur that I could pass on to LG’s engineers.

Key features such as support for variable refresh rates, Nvidia G-Sync, automatic low latency mode switching and 4K resolution graphics at frame rates up to 120Hz have been the order of the day since 2019.

The issue is particularly noticeable if you turn off the TVs’ instant game response feature and switch to a picture preset other than Game (Standard probably reveals then gamma shift most clearly).

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