Lunarly is the self-care box for people who are into crystals

Lunarly is the self-care box for people who are into crystals

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At $40 a month • the box is more pricey than a lot of other boxes. • Lunarly also doesn’t have clear guidelines for its main goal • intention setting • so it’s confusing for beginners.

This month’s box includes a spider plant, a bar of lemongrass sage soap, a bag of incense pyramids, a rock, the standard notebook and stickers, and a mushroom-ginger-green tea "drink".

Each box corresponds with the new moon; the Lunarly website says that at the beginning of the moon cycle, subscribers are supposed to set their intentions and figure out how to live better.

The self-care box’s website advertises "learning the art of self-care," and a monthly subscription offers members a plant, a notebook and stickers, and a handful of curated "wellness products".

If you’re already well-versed in the world of pseudo-Buddhism and meditation and sage burning, then you probably know where to get incense cones that aren’t $8. 95 for seven and likely don’t need motivational stickers that declare "Literally Plant Even" for your practice.

If you’re just starting out in the world of mindfulness and Instagrammable spirituality, Lunarly leaves its main goal of intention setting unexplained.

Lunarly’s plant was by far the biggest disappointment in the box, but that was mostly my fault — the box was delivered on a Friday when I was on vacation, and I didn’t free the poor spider plant from its cardboard prison until Monday morning.

I’ll admit that as silly as Lunarly’s suggestions felt, I’d rather spend $40 on one of their boxes than on another month of hate-watching The Bachelor.

I did really like that Lunarly sent a pet-safe plant — something my asshole cat (coincidentally named Lunar! ) took advantage of the second I looked away.

I appreciate that Lunarly sent full-sized items that you’d actually use (aside from that nasty tea, but maybe someone in this vast world thinks it’s tasty) instead of things that will take up space.

Unlike a lot of subscription boxes • Lunarly sends full-sized items you’ll actually use instead of sample-sized clutter.

A card included in the box says the moon was named for "the unfolding of the world beginning to melt and move," after sap from maple trees begins to flow. OK.

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