Twitch now lets anyone host an online movie party with the Amazon Prime Video library

Twitch’s Watch Parties feature launches globally just in time for The Boys’ second

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Unlike apps like Scener, which allows people to stream Netflix, Disney Plus, and HBO titles with friends in the United States, Twitch’s Watch Parties is specifically built for Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon also rolled out a Watch Parties feature directly to Amazon Prime Video subscribers in June for people who wanted to have private watch parties with friends and family.

For example, shows that are licensed to Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom (like Star Trek: Picard) aren’t available in the United States on Amazon Prime Video; Picard lives exclusively on CBS All Access here.

Twitch’s Watch Parties function is rolling out to everyone today, giving streamers and their subscribers around the world the ability to watch Amazon’s library of movies and TV shows together.

Watch parties have taken off in general over the last few months as people stuck at home figure out ways to make watching TV shows and movies more social and interactive.

Watch Parties is currently not available on mobile devices, but Twitch is working on it and expects to roll out said feature in the coming months.

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