Verizon spent $1.9 billion to catch up on 5G spectrum

Verizon needs this spectrum to compete with AT&T and

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The midband spectrum that Verizon gained access to from this auction will help it deploy higher-speed connections that can span a longer distance (though not as long of a distance as the spectrum it uses for LTE).

Verizon is spending nearly $1. 9 billion to catch up on 5G spectrum, as the biggest carriers race to roll out higher-speed connections nationwide.

While T-Mobile is now in a good spot, thanks to Sprint’s cache of midband spectrum, the company has previously had to make huge bids to catch up in the airspace race.

Companies spent big on this auction because the spectrum, in the 3. 5GHz band, can be used for higher-speed 5G deployments.

Charter, Comcast, and Cox all spent hundreds of millions on spectrum as well.

This morning, the Federal Communications Commission revealed the winners of an auction for licenses to valuable spectrum that’s especially useful for 5G.

The company acquired assets from Sprint (as part of its sale to T-Mobile), and it’s in the process of launching what is supposed to be a nationwide mobile network.

It’s less clear what Charter, Comcast, and Cox plan to do with their spectrum, but there are a couple of possibilities.

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