When to use the heart: 14 guidelines for emoji etiquette

When to use the heart: 14 guidelines for emoji etiquette

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Says Cailey, travel intern, "I’ll send a really, really… random emoji to those texts that really don’t merit a response.

If you’re speaking with someone and want to establish who is in charge early on within the conversation, Cailey, travel intern, recommends using that shiny pink emoji with the stars. 13.

Parents seem to love emoji, but they don’t always get it right.  "My dad uses the kissing heart in texts and I know he means it in like a loving parent way, but it makes me want to run for the hills," says Proma, entertainment intern.

Rather than be perceived as juvenile, wait until you know the person well enough to send the more quirky or obscure emoji. 3. … or use out-of-context emoji to see if their sense of humor matches yours.

Says Erin, events manager, "I think you need to establish that you can speak IRL" before using emoji like hearts, winking faces or romantic smilies.

The best way to tell if using emoji is cool with the other person is to see if they send them back.

This was an exchange between myself and coworker Katie, establishing we were friends and that we could both send one another emoji and memes, the basis of a true friendship. 7.

"I use emoji as soon as possible because I like to test new friends," says Kellen, tech intern.

Don’t send your teacher the beer emoji ???? .

Wait awhile to send your mother-in-law an emoji.

Us interns unanimously agreed: "I would never use an emoji with my boss until they used one first, especially the first few weeks of working there.

Before you send a monkey emoji, ensure you’re good pals.

Similarly to the so-called sexual emoji listed in No. 14 on our list, if you try to seduce too quickly, your Tinder date could turn into a Tinder "don’t text me again". 2.

"I use the sparkle heart emoji to establish I am a princess as soon as possible".

Emoji, in general, indicate a casual conversation, so be wise about who to be casual with. 11.

Wait until after the first date for flirty emoji.

It seemed that every time I added emoji to the end of a potential bae’s contact it would be over within a few weeks.

Be extra cautious of the kissy heart emoji ???? .

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