Which hybrid tablet is best for the back-to-school crowd?

Which hybrid tablet is best for the back-to-school crowd?

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Staring down the Chromebook Duet is Apple’s latest entry-level iPad, a 10. 2-inch tablet with a full suite of Apple apps and services, and a higher price tag ($329 at bare minimum).

There are plenty of small differences between these two tablets, but Lenovo and Apple have one major breaking point as it pertains to our comparison: The Chromebook Duet is meant to be used as a laptop, while the iPad can be used as one.

In terms of hardware features, both tablets support styluses like the HP USI stylus for the Duet or the first-gen Apple Pencil for the iPad, but neither comes packed with one in the box.

The iPad might be a better device overall, but for people who need a little laptop that won’t get in the way or ruin their day, the Chromebook Duet is tough to beat. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

Unfortunately for Lenovo, Apple has it beat with the pricier iPad. Its 10. 2-inch display is bolstered by a superior 2160 x 1620 resolution and 500 nits of brightness.

Lenovo’s tablet has a marginally smaller display than the iPad at 10. 1 inches, with a 1900 x 1200 resolution and 400 nits of brightness to keep things looking relatively sharp and readable. ("Nits," by the way, is the unit of measurement for brightness.

The screen is brighter and sharper than the Chromebook Duet, and Apple always makes sure its devices have quick and breezy performance.

The largest software difference between the Chromebook Duet and the 10. 2-inch iPad lies in their respective operating systems.

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