18 classic viral videos that will always be hilarious

18 classic viral videos that will always be hilarious

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Thankfully this cheery viral video with over 350 million views was only annoying as this duck who keeps asking for grapes.

The "Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama" video was one of the first news stories to achieve viral status on YouTube back in 2006.

Long before Vine and Instagram, sites like Newgrounds, eBaum’s World, and of course YouTube were the breeding grounds for viral video legends.

This video became an instant viral sensation, and Crocker got a lot of backlash from all over the internet for his femme appearance and sobbing.

Nothing compares to the first video of the series that came out in 2009 that has garnered almost 100 million views.

While he didn’t intend for this video of him in 2002 to get thrown on the web, his attempt to copy Darth Maul’s lightsaber moves became one of the most viewed viral videos of all time.

It eventually found its way onto YouTube in 2006 where it continued to go viral before finally getting its official video and meme title.

According to an article by NBC in 2007 Raza’s video had gotten well over 1 billion views on the internet since.

This video was uploaded in 2007 and has racked up almost 20 million views.

When I first watched this video in 2009, I was expecting something really horrifying or creepy to happen at the end because you can’t trust anything on the internet with a catchy tune and a cute duck.

In this video, Brolsman was lip-syncing to O-Zone’s "Dragostea Din Tei," and he became an instant meme and viral icon.

Arguably THE original YouTube viral video.

According to an old BBC article in 2006, the video was estimated to have been viewed 700 million times, just falling shortly behind the next video on this list.

The video first came out in 2005, and was uploaded onto YouTube in a year later.

This video was uploaded in 2011 and it currently has over 18 million views.

There was also an auto-tuned version that accompanied the video that achieved its own viral fame.

I don’t want to spoil who wins, so give this video with over 20 million views a watch.

Although the Newgrounds took the video down for licensing reasons, someone uploaded the video on YouTube so his legacy lives on.

Drugs may or may not have been involved in the making of this viral video.

Another Newgrounds relic from 2005, this animated video pit comic and pop culture’s most recognizable figures against each other in a battle to the death, along with a song narrating the entire scene.

The viral video market has sadly taken a greedy turn for the worst.

With over 50 million views this cat — from a time period before internet fame wasn’t even a concept — is truly timeless. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

An amazing amateur sketch of the magical creature, as well as interviews with people who had different theories ranging from "it could be a crackhead," to "it’s casting a shadow," made the video so entertaining.

I might just be one out of the almost 1 billion people who watched this video that just doesn’t understand why Charlie biting his brother’s finger is funny.

Apparently, "Apparently Kid" has to be on this list with his viral news interview that has over 30 million views.

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