5 best new Alexa features for Amazon Echo in your home and car, and how to use them

Amazon's new Alexa assistant tools include making emergency calls and paying for gas

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Emergency calling is available on all in-home Alexa-enabled devices that support Alexa calling, such as the Amazon Echo 2019, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

Here are the newest updates to your Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant and how you can get started using them today.

Amazon has added a new safety feature that lets Alexa call and text your emergency contact when you say, "Alexa, call for help".

You can use the new feature in the Alexa app or Alexa-enabled devices like the Echo Auto, which is a $35 device that snaps into your car and connects to your phone’s cellular data.

Amazon regularly adds new features to itsĀ Echo devices and Alexa voice assistant intended to make your life easier.

Amazon’s new Alexa assistant tools include making emergency calls and paying for gas hands-free.

Some of the latest include having Alexa pay for your gas so you don’t have to swipe your card, and calling your emergency contact in case you can’t make it to your phone.

Last month, Amazon released new featuresĀ that let you go hands-free in its app, upload photos to your Echo Show and start your daily routines with just your voice.

Here are three Amazon Echo security features to turn on when you leave the house, the best uses for Amazon Echo in your bedroom and five outdated things Amazon Echo can replace in your home.

Alexa will reach out to your emergency contact any time someone in your household asks Alexa to call for help.

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