5 monitors for working from home (that are currently in stock)

It's time to upgrade your

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Currently on sale at B&H Photo for $350, Samsung’s 31. 5-inch LCD features full 4K resolution and a DisplayPort and HDMI input — but no USB-C connections. Dell’s 37. 5-inch curved display could easily stand in for your current dual-monitor setup.

This enormous display has everything you want in a contemporary monitor: full 4K resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels), support for HDR and IPS — and all of the inputs, including HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C.

If your work involves looking at two or more documents simultaneously, referring to multiple browser windows or scrolling through spreadsheets, you’re going to get a lot more done gazing at an LCD with a decent screen size than squinting at your 13-inch (or even 15-inch) laptop display.

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