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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers will eventually return to their offices. But when they do, their big-city workplace will not only have a smaller footprint and operational strategy, it might be in a different town altogether, according to a recent TechCrunch survey of top real estat…

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On the office side, so far we are seeing an investment bump primarily focused around technologies that support the back to work experience on the office side, but I think we will start to see much more dynamic models evolve. The U. S. is unique in that we have so many layers of urban models – some of this disruption will not be as great in other countries where the country itself really has only 1 or 2 primary cities or conversely, where the contrast between the economic development of cities and the countryside is really stark. (I don’t think you will see as much discussion of the idea that everyone is going to leave London in the UK – there just isn’t another area which has the same multi-faceted infrastructure.

I also don’t see the pandemic altering people’s feeling or perception about the appeal of the ‘1950’s suburban ideal’ in which someone (usually a father in a grey suit) commutes daily into a nearby urban center of activity – in fact, I think what the current interest in the suburbs confirms is that people don’t want to commute and that they feel more interested in suburban environments as they imagine them transitioning into ‘mini-urban’ environments where commuting is limited, ideally, there is walkability, and where they have access to restaurants, culture and shopping through a mix of local and digital experiences.

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