Amazon Alexa for Residential will let the voice assistant power apartment complexes

Alexa doesn’t have the greatest privacy track

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The announcement says Alexa for Residential will allow property managers “to offer custom voice experiences that go beyond the walls of their apartments” and create custom Alexa skills for every unit in a building “allowing residents to manage rent, maintenance requests, amenity reservations, and more.

Amazon on Thursday announced Alexa for Residential, a new program designed to make it easier for landlords and property managers to add Alexa devices to rental units to create smart apartments (smarpartments? smartments? ).

But if you do have one, you can “easily link it to access the full range of Alexa features, including the ability to call friends and family” and link to your music playlists. “It will all just work,” the company says, listing off a slew of convenient-sounding features, like asking Alexa to remind you when it’s recycling day or play the news and weather.

But Alexa’s track record on privacy is spotty at best: a Bloomberg investigation last year found that Amazon was employing people to listen to and transcribe voice recordings captured by Alexa-enabled devices.

The companies plan to bring the Alexa service to properties in Denver, Colorado, Florida, and Annapolis, Maryland, this fall, and Amazon is opening the program to more partners beginning today.

Amazon says property managers don’t have access to any tenant data, and voice recordings are automatically deleted daily.

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