Best yoga apps and YouTube channels for practicing at home

Best yoga apps and YouTube channels for practicing at home

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Are you a looking for a personalized routine, or are you looking for a little variety? ✅ They’re organized (usually by styles and goals) and offer tools that let you keep track of your practice. ✅ You can explore different yoga practices without ever looking elsewhere because most apps have a collection of instructors and classes. ✅ Many apps will draw up a personalized routine or recommendations based on your needs.

Like Glo, Daily Yoga recommends practices based on your needs, and structures classes based on week-long programs that you can either practice on a recommended schedule or at your own pace.

The programs are composed of a few classes each and run the gamut of yoga styles and disciplines— Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin, Pranayama, etc. (Don’t worry, Glo is very educational; it’ll teach you what those words mean. ) Some of them are also tailored to help with pain, posture, sleep, stress management, women’s health, etc.

While it has a website and an app that runs on paid membership, its YouTube channel has tons of free yoga practices, live sessions, and videos that feature some of their 52 teachers and 23 yoga styles.

Brett’s practice derives heavily from that very philosophy, so expect to see a handful of videos that are designed to awaken your internal energy: Meditations, Chakra yoga, and Kundalini yoga, a style that focuses on posture, breathing, meditating, and mantra-chantings.

If you’re hoping to stick to a routine or a program, YogaTX can help you with that as well — just check out one of their series. (The video here is from its "yoga connection" series. ) The yogis who manage the channel also upload videos weekly, so there are plenty of options. is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.

Yoga instructors will teach you how different parts of your body connect to each other, and will offer advice about how you can adjust your practice based on what your body craves.

Allie also hosts plenty of videos for morning and bedtime practices, dynamic vinyasa flows, fitness-based yoga, as well as gentle and restorative classes.

You don’t have to feel guilty because you didn’t follow through on a schedule or recommended routine. (You shouldn’t! ) You also don’t have to worry about wasting your money on a personalized plan if it ends up being a bad fit. ✅ Yoga instructors on YouTube aren’t just exercise instructors; they are relatable, educational personalities with a community around them.

Other collections are inspired by the philosophical and spiritual foundations of yoga: Pranayama, Chakra yoga, as well as various salutation and guided meditation practices. Free on iOS and Android.

Sure, if you want to deviate from the set plan, there’s a library of yoga classes for different goals and needs.

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