Bill Barr Is About to Blow Up the Antitrust Case Against Google: Report

Several interested parties in the government have been looking to put Google’s head on a spike, and while undoubtedly there’s been some degree of jockeying between them for which will ultimately get the credit, they’ve been proceeding with care and caution in the interest of building an ironclad case against a particularly canny opponent. Leave it to Bill Barr—who in a better world would instead star in a live-action remake of Droopy Dog— to take all that hard work and piss it away.

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Barr’s determination to bring a complaint this month could weaken their case and ultimately strengthen Google’s hand, according to interviews with 15 lawyers who worked on the case or were briefed on the department’s strategy [… ] Many career staff members in the antitrust division, including more than a dozen who were hired during the Trump administration, considered the evidence solid that Google’s search and advertising businesses violated antitrust law.

Per reporting in the New York Times, “Justice Department officials told lawyers involved in the antitrust inquiry into Alphabet [… ] to wrap up their work by the end of September. ” These lawyers apparently viewed the new, abrupt deadline—against an enormously powerful company with nearly unlimited resources to throw at a comprehensive legal defense—as “arbitrary.

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