Drivers for Amazon contractor allege safety and wage abuses

Exclusive: Testimony of HGV drivers from ex-Soviet countries raises fresh questions over supply chain

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It added that one of its drivers was in fact paid early, because his truck had been detained by Belgian police. “Hegelmann hires employees from various countries and aims to ensure all work conditions are comfortable, understandable and equal for all multicultural team members,” Siegfried Hegelmann said, adding his firm was an “open and transparent” company. “We will deal with any situation in accordance with all relevant legal acts, and are cooperating with institutions responsible. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved.

Haulage drivers delivering to Amazon distribution centres across Europe allege that safety records are being deliberately manipulated and wages withheld in a breach of the e-commerce multinational’s pledges about working conditions in its supply chain.

However, all three Hegelmann drivers said they never worked in Lithuania, despite being recruited and hired via Hegelmann in Kaunas; instead they worked in western European countries with higher legal minimum wages.

Ihar Peratoka, one of the HGV drivers alleging abuses while working on Amazon deliveries for Hegelmann, a major European group of haulage companies.

The Guardian understands Amazon is in the process of severing its contractual arrangements with Hegelmann. “We work with a variety of haulier partners to get packages around our logistics network and these allegations in no way reflect the high standards we hold our partners to,” Amazon added, pointing out that Hegelmann also works for other retailers and represents a small part of Amazon’s business.

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