Election Officials And Social Media Companies Are Begging You To Ignore Trump And Not Vote Twice

Voting twice is Trump has suggested people try to do so to test the integrity of the election system. But, again, voting twice is illegal.

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Her comments came after the president suggested during a trip to Wilmington, North Carolina, on Wednesday that people should try to test the system there by voting by mail in the upcoming presidential election and then trying to vote in person on Election Day to make sure it’s counted — although it is illegal to vote twice.

The head of the North Carolina Board of Elections reminded voters on Thursday that double voting is illegal, a day after the president of the United States suggested citizens in the state to try to do it as a means of testing their elections system.

On Thursday, the president tried to explain his comments via social media, writing on Facebook and Twitter that people should go to their polling place to inquire if their mail-in vote has already been tabulated and, if not, try to vote again.

Attorney General Bill Barr refused to point out that his boss had encouraged Americans to potentially break the law, telling CNN: "I don’t know what the law in a particular state says and when that vote becomes final". “The president is not suggesting anyone do anything unlawful,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday, despite him having done precisely that.

The statement from the North Carolina State Board of Elections executive director highlighted all the ways states prevent double voting.

The North Carolina Board of Elections site now has a new banner in red across it, warning voters "DOUBLE VOTING IS ILLEGAL".

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