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Facebook is sharing some new growth numbers around its video destination — namely, that Facebook Watch is now receiving more than billion visitors every month. The company isn’t saying specifically how those numbers have changed during the pandemic (when video services like Netflix have …

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Rajwat noted that while Watch is built on “the social layer of Facebook,” with videos shareable across Facebook’s many products, the views are happening on Watch itself. “It is super critical for us to have a destination,” he said, keeping videos from popular creators and publishers separate from the core Facebook experience of interacting with friends and family. “The moment we mix them together, it becomes a completely different product for people.

As another example of a successful original Facebook Watch show, Rajwat pointed to “Returning the Favor,” an Emmy-winning program where host Mike Rowe showcases everyday heroes.

He argued that when you look at “the reactions and comments and shares” you can see that “the content we have is working. ” (Advertisers have wondered about the true extent of audience engagement on Facebook Watch.

The site also added licensed music videos over the summer, with Katy Perry premiering her music video for “Smile” exclusively on Facebook Watch, where it was watched by “millions” of fans.

But it sounds like the content that’s working on Watch isn’t the kind of thing that you’d find on Netflix or Disney+ — as Rajwat put it, “The angle we’ve taken is to focus more on content that is around social topics to drive conversations.

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