Facebook won’t stop Facebook from spreading lies about the election

Facebook is sort of banning political ads in the week before the 2020 election and making other well-intentioned That’s not nearly enough.

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And since that’s not happening, you can’t count on Facebook to change the way people will use and abuse it this fall. * Facebook is sensitive enough to these charges to have created a full rebuttal to Roose, which argues that conservative media isn’t quite as popular as he suggests.

And that’s because Facebook — like the other big social media platforms — is built in a way that lets bad actors spread lies easily, and makes it almost impossible to rein them in. The bug is the feature.

Inside the right-wing Facebook bubble, President Trump’s response to Covid-19 has been strong and effective, Joe Biden is barely capable of forming sentences, and Black Lives Matter is a dangerous group of violent looters.

By the way, that link, attached to Trump’s mischief post by a diligent Facebook employee doesn’t tell you that the president is trying to undermine the election.

The result is a kind of parallel media universe that left-of-center Facebook users may never encounter, but that has been stunningly effective in shaping its own version of reality.

So: Donald Trump and his campaign, for instance, can lie in Facebook ads, funnel the ads toward key voters, and flood their News Feeds with them all the way through the election.

Facebook is sort of banning political ads in the week before the 2020 election and making other well-intentioned tweaks.

Any attempts to fundamentally change that — changing the user-generated engine that fuels the site or the attention-based advertising structure that rewards users who make the most provocative stuff — would change Facebook.

Facebook has been weighing this pre-election ad ban for nearly a year (which is why I asked Facebook ad boss Carolyn Everson about it at our Code Media conference last November).

Let’s quickly talk about today’s news: Facebook says that it will ban new political ads in the week before the election.

That said, Facebook often points to the success of right-wing media on its service when conservatives claim they are being censored on Facebook. Confusing!

But Trump’s campaign and his surrogates love Facebook — both as a place to run ads and, crucially, as a place to run lies for free.

Facebook also says it will take other steps to prevent people from being suckered by some of the lies they see on Facebook.

Whether Trump is trying to actually get his voters to vote twice, which is illegal, or is simply trying to muck up the voting process and cast more doubt on the results doesn’t matter: It’s certainly an attempt to undermine the election.

The technical term for the latter is “organic marketing”: Instead of paying Facebook to spread your untruths, you get Facebook and its users to do it for free.

The company says it will take down posts that claim you’ll get Covid-19 if you vote in person; and it will direct users to official election results if any “candidate or campaign” tries to declare victory before votes are counted.

Apple, under pressure from advertisers and developers, will wait 6 months to enforce new privacy rules Apple and Facebook are fighting again.

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