If 'Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2' is a feast, local multiplayer is dessert

Local multiplayer is the star of the new

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There are plenty of extras here that weren’t included in the original games, including Speed Run, online play and a vastly expanded Create-A-Park mode, but local multiplayer exemplifies everything that makes the THPS games shine.

THPS has local and online multiplayer, and they both support Free Skate, Score Challenge, Combo Challenge, Trick Attack, Combo Mambo and Graffiti.

When I think of THPS, I’m transported to the floor of my childhood living room, neck craned upward and N64 controller in-hand, playing a game of HORSE (or whatever foul phrase my brother has chosen that round).

The main game is broken into three parts: the THPS Tour, THPS 2 Tour, and Ranked and Free Skate.

I promise you this: While you're still finding your bearings in THPS, cruising around Venice Beach and practicing basic combos, there will come a moment that you bail four, five, six times in a row.

I’m immediately 30 percent more interested in any game that supports local multiplayer, and that jumps to 50 percent when it’s a remake of an old favorite.

Each Tour has one open map followed by a lineup of locked levels — nine in THPS and eight in THPS 2 (plus two secret parks).

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