Intel Refocuses On PCs With Evo Platform Brand And 11th Generation Core

While tech industry watchers were expecting Intel's 11th generation Core processor upgrades with its new Xe graphics architecture, the company surprised many with the debut of the Evo PC platform brand, which is designed to create more usable, better performing

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Facing a recent barrage of criticism and strong competitive challenges, Intel came out swinging at its special event this week, unveiling not only the widely anticipated next generation mobile PC-focused SOC —codenamed Tiger Lake and officially called 11th generation Intel Core processors—but also the surprise launch of its new PC platform architecture brand Evo.

In addition to the core CPU, GPU, and process enhancements, 11th generation Core chips incorporate integrated support for Thunderbolt 4, WiFi 6, and PCIe Gen 4 for faster connections to internal and external components, as well as an updated version of its Gaussian and Neural Accelerator (GNA). GNA 2. 0 offers DSP (Digital Signal Processor)-like functionality, including the ability do things like audio noise reduction during video teleconferencing calls, without impacting the performance of the CPU or GPU.

Specifically, all Evo-branded systems must incorporate an 11th generation core CPU, and all the appropriate I/O which that entails, and must boot from sleep mode in less than one second, offer 2x better performance than a 2 year-old premium thin-and-light notebook when unplugged from power, offer more than 9 hours of battery life, and reach 4 hours of battery life after a 30 minute charge. (Unfortunately, systems that incorporate a 3rd party discrete GPU are automatically disqualified from Evo branding.

Intel’s new Evo platform brand incorporates the company’s 11th generation Core processors, as well … [+] as the new Iris Xe integrated GPU.

In addition to the typical architectural enhancements that Intel brings to every new generation of CPUs, Willow Cove, as well as the entirely new Iris Xe GPU core, are both distinctive for a couple of important reasons.

Intel’s efforts with PC vendors seem to be working, as the company said it expects over 20 Evo-certified thin-and-light laptop designs to ship this year and over 150 new PCs coming that will leverage these 11th generation Core parts.

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