Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer: Vintage boxy charm – Roadshow

The new Jeep Grand Wagoneer is almost Let's hope it keeps some of the original's cool factor.

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For 1966 Jeep introduced the Super Wagoneer which included air conditioning, power brakes and steering, an adjustable steering wheel, power tailgate, tinted windows and a pushbutton radio.

The Wagoneer Limited was uber-fancy with leather upholstery, cruise control, disc brakes, as well as power seats, steering and windows. Drivers could get a 5. 9-liter V8 or go big with a 6. 6-liter V8 in the Limited.

This full-time four-wheel-drive system meant drivers no longer had to get out and lock the hubs in order to power the front wheels. 1975 marks the first time we saw that woodgrain applique that eventually became synonymous with the model.

The Wagoneer was built on the SJ platform and was meant to be a fancy-pants hauler that featured passenger car comfort and styling with the added benefit of four-wheel drive.

The Wagoneer was the first four-wheel drive vehicle to be outfitted with independent front suspension and an automatic transmission.

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